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Lighting the Way-Paulson Electric is Helping TCR Reduce Its Energy Footprint

July 20, 2011
The Marquee
July 2011

Theatre Cedar Rapids regularly partners with local businesses on productions, education programs and sponsorships that allow the theatre to continue its mission. One such partnership took things even further: Helping to shape the rebuilding of Theatre Cedar Rapids itself.

Paulson Electric, which began partnering with TCR in 2008, has worked directly with the theatre to help rebuild its electrical systems-and make them more energy-efficient.

The Flood of 2008 did millions of dollars in damage to the building. With all the rebuilding that needed to be done, Paulson Electric saw an opportunity to make improvements rather than simply replacing what had previously been there.

"Both the theatre and Paulson Electric share a commitment to reducing environmental impact by using as little energy as possible, and reducing the operational costs of the building," says Paulson Electric Vice President Tyler Olson. "Paulson Electric applies that to all of the projects that we work on. After the flood, we approached the renovation and expansion of the theatre with that in mind."

Some of those additions included lighting controls that are able to schedule usage for when the building is in use. TCR also makes extensive use of LED lighting fixtures, which draw less power.

Saving power doesn't mean the lights aren't as bright or impressive. In fact, the opposite is true; using LEDs can actually increase the visual or aesthetic impact of a building. For example, LED lighting is responsible for one of the most noticeable new features at TCR: The glowing wall in the Linge Lounge, visible from First Avenue.

"It really shows that incorporatting energy efficiency into a facility does not decrease its functionality," Olson says.

Olson says the Grand Reopening of TCR and its production of The Producers were the first big symbol of downtown Cedar Rapids' recovery.

"We're still dealing with a lot of challenges in the community because of the flood, but we are making progress," he said. "Paulson Electric was particularly proud to be a part of the project, being part of the team that got the theatre back on its feet. It was a big emotional boost for downtown."

"We're particularly proud that we were able to update and renovate and expand, yet keep the look and feel of the building from a historical perspective," Olson added. "The fact that a lot of new technology is in the building-and yet it still has that historic vibe to it."

Paulson is involved in multiple projects around Cedar Rapids, including finishing work on the Oakhill Jackson Brickstone Apartment project; being involved in the design and construction of the Hall Perrine Community Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital; and additional work on the new National Guard Readiness Center.

The company also remains involved with TCR, even after the Grand Reopening.

"We talked a little bit about where we've been with the theatre, but we're excited about where we're going," Olson says. "We're discussing a lot of options about continued energy savings, as well as projects that will allow the theatre to monitor its energy usage, understand where energy is being used in the building and reduce it. We're also at a point in our discussions about how to actually generate power within the building. We're very excited, and we're pleased to be able to partner with the theatre and continue doing this kind of work."

TCR Executive Director Casey Prince says he's grateful the theatre found an ally in Paulson Electric.

"A unique partnership like the one we have with Paulson Electric gets right at the heart of the creativity by which we live and breathe every day," he said. "Creative solutions, leveraging strengths, working together-all coupled with Paulson Electric's generous support-makes their sponsorship much more than financial underwriting of our programs. It makes it a true relationship, in which we've become friends and will probably remain so for a very long time."

"I'm proud to say that is simply how things work at TCR," Prince added. "We're incredibly grately for Paulson Electric and our other sponsors for not just their sponsorships, but for their relationships with the theatre. Much like the sens of family that our casts and crew fell on our stage, these corporate relationships are another example of why this place is so special in our community."