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Paulson Electric Solar Photovoltaic Installation


December 21, 2011

Fore more information:
Tyler Olson
(319) 734-3102

Cedar Rapids, Iowa--Paulson Electric began installation today of a 20kw solar photovoltaic (PV) array at its Cedar Rapids, Iowa headquarters. The PV array will generate one-third of Paulson Electric's average annual energy consumption. The PV panels will be connected to an Alliant Energy net meter that will credit Paulson Electric for the energy produced and actually spin backward if production exceeds use at a given point in time.

"Generating our own energy locks in the cost of a third of our electricity at approximately $.05 per kilowatt hour over the 20-year life of the panels," said Tyler Olson, Paulson Electric vice president. "Energy costs are predicted to rise at 3% annually, but even assuming flat energy prices our solar array will pay for itself in seven years."

The return on an investment in onsite energy generation increased with implementation of other energy efficiency measures. Upgrading to more efficient light fixtures, installing occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and programmable lighting controls all reduce the amount of energy a building requires. Implementing these upgrades before moving to onsite energy generation stretches the investment.

"Solar energy generation is one of many strategies we use to turn customers' necessary energy usage into a competitive advantage," said Olson. "Assessing a facility, recommending efficiencies and determing the feasibility of solar generation are all services we provide clients. It was a natural fit to use the same strategies in our own facilities."

Technical Specifications:

90 3'x5' Photovoltaic Panels

Roof-mounted ballast system (no roof attachment points)

3 Sunny Boy Inverters

Alliant Net Meter

Paulson Electric is a 4th generation family-owned electrical contracting business headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with offices in Dubuque, Iowa and Waterloo, Iowa. More information is available at http://www.paulsonelectric.com.